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Welcome, you are here:  About us                                                                     

  Doug Tanner,  Founder, Chairman & CEO  3Ghomepage.com

Doug Tanner  Chairman & CEO

A Standard and Poors Society of Industry Leaders member


and Guidepoint Global Advisors member        (Standard & Poors)  

(Guidepoint Global Advisors)

3Ghomepage.com is a global company building to be the Number 1

inserted Homepage for all 3G Mobile/Cell Phones and 3G Smartphones




Below is a short bio of the company





The Company was formed in July 2000 by the Founder, Chairman & Chief  Executive Officer 

Doug Tanner

who immediately set about the task of structuring the Company to build a system to integrate
solely with 3G (Third Generation) Mobile/Cell Phones for a Mobile Internet Personal Pathway.
3Ghomepage.com has evolved as a major Internet 3G company in fact one of the very first
companies to enter 3G mobile with it's 'homepage' insertion into any 3G phone creating a portal on
a 3G phone.
We have no barriers - 3G homepage.com's homepage can be installed in all Internet enabled
3G Phone's including Smartphone's, giving everyone the opportunity to completely personalise
every day tasks and preferences of content whichever make of 3G Mobile/Cell Phone they buy.
We set out to change the way you organise your daily life by giving you so many options so as to
help in any given situation, Information, Shopping, Business, leisure, email, TV and free calls,
in fact never before have you had the opportunity to have almost anything you need at your

fingertips, anywhere you may be.

Chairman and CEO Doug Tanner, had a great belief in changes that were needed to the way our

everyday actions were performed saying:

“The latest available technology of 3G mobile/Cell phones and our content homepage, is the way
forward to help and personalise general everyday needs and to make the tasks we all have
to suffer like bill paying, banking, food shopping etc, easier to act upon and manage all from
one area, the mobile/Cell phone.   I’m sure that very soon, the mobile/Cell phone will be accessed
more than personal computers, for the same results”
3G h o m e p a g e . com  ~  ~   ~  ~  Wherever you want to go


        THE FUTURE

Being the Official Global Homepage for 3G Mobile, 3G homepage.com is proud to lead the way
in these exciting times of  technological change within the communication industry and has
maintained it's frontal stance with further insight and investment towards yet another generation
of mobile communications, that of 4G (Fourth Generation Mobile).
From 2014 and beyond 4G will have a wide enough broadband signal to be able to cope with all
phone download tasks at lightening speeds including full length movies.

We are thinking ahead of our time - just for you.

3G h o m e p a g e . com  ~  ~  ~  ~  Wherever you want to go



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