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Contains an introduction to the main aspects of 3G Mobile/Cell Phones.
Also how to download the Free Unlimited Calls software to your 3G phone.
Links to: Global Phone sales,  3G Global Downloads and Ringtones and
all of the main web pages within this website.


3G phone homepage:
This web page is to be the main inserted homepage for a 3G mobile/cell phone. If
this main phone homepage is inserted into a 3G phone, it will give direct access to
the entire Internet and services that you know and use on your home or office PC
and will be the main entry for anything that you need.


About us:
Information concerning this company 3G homepage.com.  How it came about, it's
place in the telecommunication community and it's objectives and future plans.


3G Downloads
Get Unlimited Ringtones for a Penny each!!! You can download just about
everything for 3G Phones from this web page including:  Music (mp3), Ringtones
Video's, Picture Logo's, Wallpapers,


Advertise with us:
If you wish to advertise within this website, details can be found in this web page
plus a demonstration of the effectiveness of our display. Also to help you decide
with your advertising choice we have created two effective advertising areas
Premier ad system   and  You see advertising with us does pay


Our blog is to help you keep up to date with the latest 3G phone news from around 
the world. We encourage you to share the information with your friends and
colleagues and also set  an RSS link to our blog for an up-to-the-minute release of
news data filtered to your PC or 3G phone.


3G Sales:
This is without doubt the best place to start if you are buying a 3G Mobile/Cell
Phone and Smartphone.
The widest choice of 3G Mobile Terminals can be found on this web page. With all
major brands and top discounts offered, plus of course we are the Official Global
homepage for 3G Mobile so that makes this web page a great place to buy.


3G Future:
The 3G Mobile/Cell Phone concept page. An insight into some of the forward
thinking designs for future communication tools that may or may not make the
sales room.


3G Tour:
This page leads you into the main tour area of the amazing new Mobile/Cell Phone
capabilities named 3G (Third Generation Mobile/Cell Phone). All if not most
Mobile/Cell Phones are 3G since 2014.


3G newsdesk:
Keep up to date with all of the news and information from around the globe
concerning 3G Mobile. Company news, mergers, infrastructure, gossip,
spending. Plus the latest HSDPA* (High Speed Data Uplink Access) news.
Updated on a daily basis so you won't miss out.       * Mobile Broadband


Contact us:
Information regarding contacts to this Company 3G homepage.com, including
global E-Mail Addresses can be found within this web page


Frequently asked questions is an information web page with questions and answers
on 3G Mobile/Cell Phones and their uses.


Search Engines:
A general Search Engine information web page for 3G Mobile explaining a dedicated
search area ready for you to use within the inserted phone homepage.


Partner with us:
This web page is dedicated to other businesses to form a working partnership
with 3G homepage.com. An application Address is provided for more information.


Terms and Conditions:
The Legal web page for this website including conditions for the use of this
website and individual availabilities of personal use to, from, and with the
3G homepage.com website.


Privacy Policy:
Your rights as viewer of this website and of the Data Protection policy towards any
personal data offered within the 3G homepage.com website.


3G homepage.com logo link:
You can download 3G homepage.com Logo's from this page to your website to
increase traffic to your website. There are various Logo sizes to choose from. 


Tell a Friend:
You can tell anyone -  friends, work colleagues, family, in fact everyone that you know
about this website via this E-Mail web page, designed for ease of use.
You will certainly want to tell them about the Free Unlimited Calls from 3G Mobile to
3G Mobile that is available now from our Mobile/Cell phone homepage.


Over 890 million 3G users worldwide

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Phone apps, 3G Mobile/Cell phones, iphone, Samsung, Nokia, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Phone Backup, Free calls